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fabio salsi

Translation and localisation services

 provided by native Italian freelance translator

consulting : CAT tools training : terminology management

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Translation Rate Converters

The most accurate way to measure translation would be the keystroke, however it is seldom used and instead several other units are used, the most popular being: pages (of different sizes), lines (of different length) and words.  For this reason it is often difficult to make comparisons between the rates offered in different countries. I created three JavaScript converters which let you convert translation rates between these various units.


If the rate you wish to convert from is in...   then click on
words   from rate per word into other units
lines   from rate per line into other units
pages   rom rate per page into other units

Income Calculator

How much can you earn per year? With this simple income calculator you can calculate your yearly gross income, before taxes, based on your average rates and productivity.    

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